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About Us

Our rental car business has served the North Miami Beach area for a decade, and our goal is to keep collecting new years of successful service to this community. We have developed special, time-tested bonds with many special populations in the area, and we are always reaching out to more communities and cultures to try us out for their unique vehicular needs. We respect all traditions, and would be delighted to get to know you through our services.

What does the 770 stand for? Our name derives from a famous house in New York City: 770 Eastern Parkway. This gothic revival house was built in the 1930s and during the 1940s became a nexus of study, service, and culture. To this day, 770 Eastern Parkway receives global recognition as a historical site of learning and religion. The house itself is so renowned that replicas of it have been built all over the world, in such distant places as Australia, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina!

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