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Age Restrictions

: What are the age requirements for renting?
: Minimum age for renters and drivers is 21.

Driving Credentials

: What kind of documents do I need?
: The primary piece of identification required to rent a vehicle at 770 Rent A Car is a valid driver’s license.

: Will you accept any other form of identification instead of a driver’s license?
: We accepts foreign-issued drivers licenses. An international Driving Permit is not acceptable without the drivers license of the issuing country.

: Does 770 Rent A Car accept international driving permit?
: An international driving permit is accepted as long is presented with a drivers license of the issuing country.

: Does 770 Rent A Car accept international driver’s license?
: Yes.

Additional Drivers

: Can someone else drive the car that I rent?
: Additional drivers must meet all qualifications as the primary drivers in regards to age and license.

: Do the drivers license and major credit card must be on the same name?
: Yes, we require that drivers license and major credit match the name of the renter or additional renters.

Reserving My Car

: Do you require a credit card to make a reservation?
: We do not require a credit card to make a reservation through our web site or over the phone. However we required a deposit before the rental agreement (contract) begins.

: How do I cancel an existing reservation?
: You can always call 954-301-1770 to cancel your reservation or thru our web site.

Renting a Vehicle

: Do you rent cars by the hour?
: We required all customers to rent the vehicle for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours. If you returned vehicle prior to the 24 hours requirement, you will be charge for the full day regardless of whether you return the vehicle early.

: Can I take the car out of the state in which I’m renting?
: No, vehicles must remain in the state of Florida.

: Do you deliver vehicles?
: No. However we offer pick up and drop off to our customers.

: Do you require a deposit to rent a vehicle?
: Yes, it is required a Pre- Authorization of $ 500.00 from the driver’s credit card.

Rental Rates

: How is my rental rate calculated?
: The rates are based on a 24 hour rental day starting with the hour you pick up the vehicle.

: Does the cost of the rental include fuel?
: 770 Rent A Car rates do not include fuel.

: Do you charge to refuel vehicle?
: Yes. Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental to avoid refueling charges.

: Do late-return fees apply?
: A rental day is each 24 hour time period commencing with the date/time indicated on the rental agreement (contract) at the time of rental. There is a 59 minutes grace period for return. Hourly charges may apply after this grace period. After three hours full-day charge may apply.

: What are surcharges?
: Taxes, fees and other charges always vary by location. A breakdown of all surcharges will be showed to you on the online reservation process.

: Why am I being bill for surcharges?
: Surcharges are mandated for all car rentals by the local municipality, state/federal authorities.

While I’m Renting

: What happens if I don’t return my car on the designated return date?
: If vehicle is kept longer than the return date stated on the rental agreement (contract), the rate will increase by $10.00 per day. The increased rate will be charged for each day after due return date, until the vehicle is returned.

: What should I do if I have problems with my car?
: Call the rental location at the phone number provided on the rental agreement.

: What should I do if am involved in an accident?
: First you should call the police to complete an accident report, the immediately contact us by calling 954-301-1770.

: What if I accidentally lock keys in the vehicle?
: If a customer accidentally locked key in the trunk or in the vehicle, they are fully responsible for all charges and must contact locksmith and then contact the rental location at the phone number provided in the rental agreement.

: Lost keys
: We do not provide spare keys. Customer will be responsible for charges to make a extra key.

: What if I run out of fuel?
: Customer is fully responsible for run out of fuel.

: What happens if the vehicle is stolen?
: Report to the police immediately and contact the rental location at 954-301-1770.

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